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Gillybean Fight Yoga instructor sat cross-legged on a yoga mat

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Easy to follow instructions for all levels of Fight Yoga practitioners.

Unleash your inner warrior-virabhadrasana!

My middle name is Win after my grandma Winifred and I won’t settle for less. Let me show you how to achieve your goals faster!

Beginners welcome:
Fight Yoga starts with the basics and builds upon skills.

Learn straight punches (jabs and crosses), hooks, uppercuts, body shots, slips, laybacks, pivots and footwork.

Develop your roundhouse and reverse-roundhouse kicks, crescent kicks, back kicks, front kicks and side kicks.

The posture-bilities are box-less!

Learn a-Gill-ity so you can dance around your opponent!


Fight Yoga draws on my martial arts & boxing movements (sparring, non-contact) as well as power yoga, vinyasa (Flow), HIIT exercises, and strength-based training.

End of class includes 15 minutes of meditation & deep stretching.

By Request Yoga Classes or Modifications:

restorative (relaxation), elderly/chair, deep stretch, yin & yin-yang.

Inspired by Buffy the Vampire slayer (what can I say..? She kicked serious butt!!).